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Open Source Investigations Service

How can our investigations help you?

Our online open source intelligence (OSINT) investigations are a valuable resource for individuals and organisations in dealing with such matters as Internet defamation and harassment, identifying the source of Intellectual Property (IP) theft, pre-transaction due-diligence research, employee recruitment, investigating competitors or acquisition targets, collection of online evidence for legal proceedings, and others.

Internet and Social Media Investigations

We can identify and expose the source of online stalking, harassment and extortion to free you from this despicable form of internet crime. Our online investigation techniques enable us to identify and locate persons hiding behind usernames and trace hidden information such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers and social media accounts. We can assist with the removal of harmful online material. We can also profile a target individual and map social networks. If you are taking legal action against people who are using the Internet to undermine your reputation, we can find messages, pictures, files and documents that you can confidently use as evidence.

Due Diligence Research

It is vitally important to know that you are taking business decisions on the basis of full and accurate information. This is where our online due diligence service can be invaluable. We have the capacity to gather information on private and public companies from almost anywhere in the world, explore corporate identities and structures and analyse and verify the information to ensure that it is accurate and trustworthy. Our open source Internet investigation techniques also allow us to follow digital footprints and gain access to hidden information to conduct effective asset searches.

Background Screening

It is important to ensure that you are not exposed to risk by the people around you. Our research methods enable us to discover social media presence of target individuals and screen online activity. We can carry out online background checks on candidates for positions in your company. We can also investigate existing employees whose behaviour may be giving rise to concern or suspicion. On a personal level, the same techniques can be used to investigate people you have met through online dating or if you suspect a partner of having a secret life which he or she is hiding from you.

Domain Investigation

We can research a Domain’s hidden records, including IP address, registration information and related Websites to identify ownership and connections.

Online Evidence Collection

Even if you do not initially intend to get involved in legal proceedings, evidence collected in an investigation may give you cause to take legal action. In this case you can be sure that we will securely collect, document and preserve evidence in a form which meets the requirements of civil and criminal law and regulatory requirements.

Online Identity Protection

In recent years the internet has become a primary source of personal and professional communication for many of us, and this is not without its challenges. You may have unwittingly disclosed personal or business critical information. DigFind is here to help facilitate the removal of unwanted information, be it long forgotten social media posts, dormant accounts, unauthorised leaks of personal information or helping to secure social media profiles.

Litigation Support and Expert Witnesses

If our findings and/or evidence form an important part in court proceedings, we can provide experienced and qualified expert witnesses, people with the necessary specialist knowledge to present the evidence in an authoritative way.

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We provide extensive in scope online open source investigative services including evidence gathering, collection of information and data in a forensically sound manner, and verification, analysis and reporting of same.

Contact us with any queries you may have regarding our services.

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